Breakfast burritos are a cornerstone
of the healthy American diet.
Gigi (an American) is bringing them to Sydney!
Fresh ingredients, home cooked and delivered to your desk. What better way to start the day!
Want to make friends at the office or score points at your next morning meeting?
Order breakfast burritos!

Your first order may result in addiction


As Featured in Time Out Best Sydney Lunch Deliveries


  • The Pasadena

    The delicious Breakfast Burrito with Eumundi Smokehouse Bacon.

  • The Malibu

    Islands of Eumundi Smoky Chorizo highlight this Breakfast Burrito. (Read about the amazing Famous Eumundi Smokehouse European Charcuterie here:)

  • The Hollywood

    Healthy Egg White Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito – appr ox. 310 calories. Hold the meat, add the mushrooms!

  • The Alcatraz

    Also known as the Low Carb Burrito Box. Hold the tortilla ! (choose chorizo, bacon or vegetarian).

    This burrito is served in a noodle box!

What Makes Gigi’s
Breakfast Burritos So Delicious?

The secret to Gigi’s delicious breakfast burritos is using fresh, healthy, premium ingredients. Her suppliers were chosen from Everleigh Markets and her visits to The Hunter Valley and Byron Bay after many memorable taste tests!

All 4 of Gigi’s Breakfast Burritos (above) also contain: Pope’s Free Range Eggs, Hunter Valley Cheese Co. Cheddar, locally grown premium produce hand selected, Muscat Family Farm (tomatoes, red onions, chives, avocados), Byron Bay Chilli Company Picante Salsa and Jalapeno Coriander Sauce, fresh black beans all wrapped in a gorgeous fresh flour tortilla!

  • image description

    Pope’s free range eggs

  • image description

    Hunter Valley Cheese Company hand made cheddar

  • image description

    Byron Bay Chilli Company Salsa Picante and Green Jalapeno Chilli Sauce with Coriander

  • image description

    Muscat Family Farm tomatoes, chives, red onions, avocados and brown button mushrooms (mushrooms in Hollywood vegetarian burrito only)

  • image description

    Fresh black beans

  • image description

    Gorgeous Fresh Flour Tortilla

Delivery :

  • 48 hours+ for order booking is necessary
  • For corporate orders outside these areas please email request
  • Delivery in Sydney CBD and North Sydney only from 8.00 – 11.00 a.m.
  • Minimum Order 20 Burritos
  • $12 each (excluding delivery)
  • $25 delivery fee will be applicable within CBD and North Sydney and outside CBD, delivery quote will be provided.

Perfect for:

  • Hot Breakfast delivered to your desk (get your colleagues to chip in for a minimum group order!)
  • Team Breakfast Meetings
  • Curing Hangovers (allegedly)
  • Vegan option also available
  • Homemade (by Gigi) with love

Special offers

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Testimonials :

  • My working life is complete - I've discovered Gigi's Breakfast Burritos! Black Widow No Survivors? I think my eyes started to bleed it was that intense!

  • The best burritos with the freshest ingredients. Black Widow is nuclear™!

  • It is great for those early morning meetings where you are still hung-over, definitely got the scotch taste out of my mouth

  • Having a gigi's burrito is the best start to a day in the office.

  • Gigi's Burritos are definitely not like anything you've had before. One munch and you're hooked!

  • So delicious and filling - you don't need lunch! GiGi uses amazing ingredients but be warned - the Widow sauce may cause feet stomping and shaky hands!

  • Not only delicious, but tastes so fresh. All the ingredients can be tasted. AMAZING!

  • These burritos are hot baby, yeah! The best way to start the day

  • Thank the heavens above! A burrito that isn't 500 grams of boiled rice wrapped in cardboard!

    J. Montero
  • What the hell is a GiGi's Breakfast Burrito you ask? Only the best answer to a mid-week hangover!




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